For my 100th Post, I Will Adjust Some Ratings

The purpose of this post is mostly explained in the title. Given the recent change to the Tommy D Talks Movies rating system, I — as promised, and because of my own obsessive needs for consistency — I am going back through this entire blog’s history and picking out certain review scores to adjust. Most will be adjusted as a result of the change from quarter-point to half-point increments (and no, the rule of rounding up will not always apply), but others will be adjusted simply because watching and rating more movies has given me a better idea of benchmarks over time. I could go back to each post and make the edits within each one, but that would be too much even for me.

I do want to emphasize that the ratings are more of a fun way to classify movies; what I like to focus on more is the content and deeper analysis in the reviews. But like I said, the completist in me needs to do this. And on top of that, what better way to celebrate the one-year history of Tommy D Talks Movies with a 100th post that looks back at so many past ones?

Without further ado, let’s get started with this ambitious task. Here are the movies whose scores are being adjusted:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II: Originally 3.25/4, now 3/4
  • The Fugitive: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • American Psycho: Originally 3/4, now 3.5/4 (I now recognize it as a pretty damn good cinematic achievement)
  • A Beautiful Mind: Originally 3.75/4, now 3.5/4
  • The King’s SpeechOriginally 1.75/4, now 1.5/4 (what an overrated snooze-fest)
  • 25th Hour: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • eXistenZ: Originally 2.75/4, now 3/4
  • Zodiac: Originally 3.5/4, now 4/4 (I saw this movie again recently and was blown away. It’s so detailed and complete, and incredibly underrated. It didn’t get a single Oscar nomination for 2007. That’s a crime.)
  • Taxi Driver: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • Warrior: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • Contagion: Originally 2.75/5, now 2.5/4
  • Drive:Originally 3/4, then 3.75/4, now 3.5/4 (this was a tough one)
  • Mulholland Drive: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • No Country for Old Men: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • Pan’s Labyrinth: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • The Debt: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • The Conspirator: Originally 2.75/4, now 2.5/4
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • Midnight in Paris: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • The Artist: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • Rear Window: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • The Help: Originally 2.75/4, now 2.5/4
  • Shame: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • Hugo: Originally 3.25/4, now 3/4
  • War Horse: Originally 2.25/4, now 2.5/4
  • Take Shelter: Originally 3.75/4, now 4/4
  • Rushmore: Originally 2.75/4, now 2.5/4
  • The Hunger Games: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4
  • 21 Jump Street: Originally 3.25/4, now 3/4
  • Ted: Originally 3.25/4, now 3.5/4

About Tommy D

Clemson and UGA alum with a market research job in LA. And I kind of like movies.

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  1. Great post, namely because you finally gave Warrior the 3.5 it deserved.
    Shameless plug here:

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